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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 4, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- >r a and welcome. ii'm brooke baldwin >r a and welcome. ii'm brooke baldwi and let's gt bar back p back back tof washington. tp tthe justice departmeto. r we awe are bacp wew dodown at guantanamo err ereric holdep eric ago.p>> today, i a cases of khalid sheikh mohammed, pwalid bin attaswalid bin shibp shibh, ali abdsh
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mustar mustatmustafr m procep proceed proceed i> holdeholder,p holder, hihr announcannounced they would be those people p those pe. it was november of '09 and he said that new york caused a huge, huge outcry from the republicans and also from the mayor of new york and at the time michael bloomberg who was concerned among other things about the security cost of having that whole thing play out from not too far from where the twin towers once stood, and now they will be holding the trials at guantanamo bay, if the you will remember that the president had vowed to close as a campaign promise. holder says it will have to stay open now much longer than that, and we have kate bolduan standing by live at the white house. i want to go first to the senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin on the phone from new york. and jeffrey, the attorney general admitted to reluctance and one of the strong words he use and if you will agree to me, he sounded bitter about this.
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let's listen to another snippet. >> too many people, and many of whom should know better and many of whom certainly do know better have expressed doubts about the time-honored and time-tested system of justice. that's not only misguided, it is simply wrong. the fact is federal courts have proven to be unparalleled instrument for bringing terrorists to justice. >> wrong, reluctant -- jeffrey, sound at all like he is saying that people have used this case to score political points at a cost to these victims' families and a cost to justice? >> that is true, but eric holder and the obama administration faced reality. and like the song says, you have to know when to hold and when to fold, and they had to fold, because they would not have a civilian trial of khalid sheikh mohammed that is simply not legally or politically possible at this point because of the rebellion that was set off in congress. so they e doing what they can which is have a military
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tribunal which is a real trial with defense lawyers and rules of evidence, but it is not the same thing with the same rights for the defendant as a civilian trial which is what they wanted to do. >> and you know, he stood up there and pretty much off of the top he said, look, i still stand by the decision to prosecute the five guys in a federal, in a federal trial. what do you think was the tipping point here? i know we are coming up on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 and what is the tipping point to say, okay, enough is enough. >> well, i think that once even the new york delegation which is democrats like chuck schumer who are very supportive of the president, and even when they said we are not stand by for a trial, it became politically impossible. if you couldn't do it in new york, you certainly couldn't do it anywhere else in the united states, because no one else would take them, so it was a simply a matter of letting the situation continue with no trials for year after year or
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having a military tribunal, and i think that obama, holder and company said, look, let's do what we can. let's have a legal process that is not perfect, but a real process, and move forward, because you simply can't hold these people year after year with no trial at all. >> and jeff, what about this. i want to get to this and then kate about the legal process and i don't know if there is an answer to this, but i want to put it to you. can the death penalty be sought if one of the five men pleads guilty? >> if they plead guilty, that is an interesting question. i actually don't know. i mean, certainly, if the jury finds -- there is the death penalty which is eligible. they are eligible for the death penalty following a trial. i think that you have to stumped me on that one and i will have to do research to determine whether a -- i think that the answer is probably yes, they still could have the death penalty, otherwise, it would be simply under the defendant's control to avoid the death penalty, but i'm going to hit
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the books on that. >> do some homework, mr. toobin, and get back to me, because that is an answer that the victims will want an answer to that question as well. and back the kate bolduan and the timing of this is not exactly ideal considering the fact that it was early, early this morning that the president officially announced his re-election bid, and this is a promise from the first campaign that they have failed to fulfill, and failed to do, close gitmo. >> yes, brooke. anyone would agree not in the best timing and coming on a day that as you say the president is kicking off the re-election campaign. that happened early this morning, and on such a day that the white house wants good news or at least no news to overshadow the messaging coming out of the white house today, and as you can see, that has done that. and not only has this done just that, but it is highlighting something that you can be sure that the opponents on the campaign will use as fuel for the campaigns, and what they will call a stark reversal in
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policy. the white house press secretary jay carney was asked about this several times in the briefing and this is several times before the attorney general spoke, and he said he wanted to leave it for the attorney general, but he hammered it home that the president's primary concern to bring these men, the accused 9/11 suspects to justice swiftly and as swiftly as possible, and they say they will continue the do that, but it has long followed a debate and controversy that has followed this president from day one after the executive order that you mentioned. really, what this looks like is that it seems like the attorney general is trying to put the best face on a bad situation. they say that the hands were tied by congress, but this is by definition a reversal in policy, a reversal, a stark, strong reverse sr reversal and his critics will call him a flip-flop, and remind him of that in coming days and not what a politician wants, especially when he kicked off the re-election campaign.
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>> talk about timing. within a matter of timing. than you, kate bolduan and jeff toobin. let's stay on the topic of the presidency. the president is officially going to run for re-election, and you haven't seen this, the lightning quick response from the gop. take a look at this. >> light, camera, action. you have beeneen enjoying yours, and now it is time to make them love you again. you are cool, calm, collected and you have always gotten what you wanted. >> so, if the rest of the country was caught at all off guard by the president's early entry, it appears that the republicans were not. this spot was in the can ready to roll. but i wanted to get back to the president, in fact, it was four years ago, springfield, illinois, senator barack obama. >> i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america.
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>> and that's how he entered the race in 2007. a lot, lot different this time. low key video response, and here is a part of that. >> well, it seems like the last couple of elections that we have had have been almost kind of turning point campaigns. >> kind of nervous about it. it is like it is coming, it is. 2012, and the election. >> and i think that it needs to reflect -- >> this is barely two years in office and the president already running for re-election and the word is that the early entry is about money. i want to go to jessica yellin, our political correspondent in washington. is that what i am hearing about, the b-word thrown out as in raising a billion dollars. is that true? >> well, that is what the campaign team is telling the donors it will cost to win. and there are a couple of
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reasons. one is that they are worried about the amount of money that the republicans are going to be able to raise on the other side through the expenditure groups, but also looking at the midterm elections and the republicans raised a ton of moneyt ta very endb which made a crucial difference to the victories in the midterms, and democrats were surprised by that and nervous about it and don't want it to happen again. they want to raise as much as possible early in a bank it for the end of the campaign. they are doing this early, brooke, because they want to energize the grass root activists who were so important to obama's win in 2008. >> well, let's talk about the announcement, because if you watch the video, as we have both seen, the president is not in the spot, and this is just put out, and you know that it is not put out by accident, and the people, you see different face, and a white man from the south and a latina from nevada, and white female from colorado and then a young white voter from
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new york, and african-american female from michigan, and one of the things that struck us was the guy who said, you know what, i don't even agree with everything that the president is saying, but listen to him. >> well, i can't not be involved. there's just too much that is fundamentally important right now that is going on. i don't agree with obama on everything. but i respect him, and i trust him. >> i don't agree with him on everything, but respect and trust him. read the tea leaves, jessica. what are we trying to get from this? >> well, a little something for everyone. they cover every key constituency for democrats across ethnic lines, and gender and age and no secret that the president had challenges with white blue collar voters in 2008 and has lost some support there, and you guy saying, i'm not with him on everything, and on board with him.
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and then say said, oh, you, press, don't look at the subliminal messages, but the young college kid who said i was too young to vote last time, but i will vote this time is an essential targeted group for this campaign team. they plan to get as many first-time voters as they can to bring new people into the effort to win in 2012 against what they expect to be a really formidable republican effort. >> okay. so they want the youth vote here, and we know that the ral iing will cry will begin in chicago, and that is the re-election campaign headquarters and does he start campaigning right now, and what is the plan from here forward? >> no, they will try to keep the president in the background as much as possible, because he has a day job, but also as a strategist you don't want him to be politicized in every decision he makes. so he is going to be doing a lot of fund-raising stops and beginning next month on the 14th the big campaign fund-raiser will be in chicago and then l.a. and san francisco and new york
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and in terms of major campaign rallies we will not see the president doing those for quite some time, and he will leave it to the republicans looking like they are jockeying for position. >> everything has a purpose in politics as it seems, jessica yellin. thanks so much, jess. and it happened on a southwest airline flight this week week, and could it happen again? a part of the jet rips off, and people were looking at the blue skies. we will have a ntsb investigator telling us if it will happen again. and this woman, remember her? she burst into the tripoli hotel surrounded by journalists shouting that gadhafi sources had raped her, but the government said she was okay, and we had not heard from her, but her parents, and now she has spoken with nic robertson, and what she told him coming up.
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checking the top stories now. nasa is delaying the launch of space shuttle "endeavour" which is now set to take off april 29th. there is nothing wrong, but they it is a is a scheduling conflict. a russian cargo ship is due to dock off at the international space station near the original launch date of april 19th which is "endeavour's" 36th and final mission. and a woman who accused moammar gadhafi's forces of raping her says she is now out of government custody, but she cannot leave the country. cnn has new details from aman al
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beatty herself who says she was questioned relently by gadhafi forces after forcefully being taken away from that hotel there last month, and that it didn't stop until a doctor examined her and determined that she had been raped and that she had been tortured. she said that she still has bruises from the alleged abduction and rape, and we will hear much more on her interview on ac360 tonight. and look at this wreckage of an air france flight that crashed two years ago. and submarines were searching for the wreckage and they found it over the weekend with several bodies of the wreck still on board. they say that the remains will be brought to the surface and identified. 228 people died and investigators still don't know why that plane crashed off of brazil's coast. and in japan, it is hard to believe that this is the answer. dumping something like 10,500
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radioactive water into the ocean on purpose. yes. that is what they are doing now at the fukushima daiichi power plant. coming up, i will speak with a radiation expert to ask why they are doing this and how dangerous it is? and also, since president obama has taken the lead officially saying he wants to run for president, which republicans will follow, and who are the potential gop presidential contenders? that is next.
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okay. so a couple of minutes ago we talked about the president getting into the race, and his race for re-election and what about the republicans? it is worth watching as well even though the big ones have yet to officially join the fray yet, and yet being the operative word there. here is national correspondent jessica yellin. >> reporter: mitt romney has a fierce fund-raising machine, and broad name recognition and he is getting praise from the man in the oval office. >> i agree with mitt romney who recently said he is proud of what he accomplished on health care in massachusetts. >> reporter: what is that about? well, the health care reform could be romney's achilles' heel. as massachusetts governor he signed a health care reform law that included a mandate which looks like a lot like the obama health care plan which is wildly unpopular among the republican voters. here is the governor explaining
3:21 pm
it in new hampshire. >> now, the approach next door was a state plan to address state problems in ways that were unique to massachusetts. now, our experiment was not perfect. >> reporter: for former house speaker newt gingrich the challenge isn't policy, but personal. he has been married three times. he has admitted to having affairs, and that is a tough sell for the values voters who naturally gr lly gravitate to t social conservative position, and he is asking for forgiveness and putting rationale on the christian networks. >> well, there is no question that at times in my life driven by how passionately i felt about the country that i worked far too hard and that things happened in my life that were not appropriate. >> reporter: that got the late night comics buzzing. here is late night's jay leno. >> did you hear the explanation that he so passionate and so passionate about america that he
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loved it so much that it led him to cheating. >> reporter: these days gingrich's wife is part of the team, and supporters are banking on the energy campaign style, and wealth of ideas and name recognition toer ka i a r kcarr. and then there is minnesota governor tim pawlenty, and the biggest challenge, not a lot of notice. and this fellow republican joked -- >> he served two consecutive terms before anyone would notice. >> reporter: ouch. they noticed him as governor of minnesota because he slashed government spending so much that he prompted a bus driver strike and government shutdown. as for the lack of pizazz, here is what he told terry moran. >> he can look at pizazz or people's results and i will take records over pizazz any day. >> and we have romney, and gingrich and pawlenty and what about palin and mike huckabee? >> of course.
3:23 pm
well, palin and huckabee have strong appeal to the conservative base, but challenge is reaching independent voters, but brooke, there is this, no clear sign that they plan to run and you can't win if you don't run. >> well, that is indeed the case, jessica yellin. we got a two-fer out of you today. thank you. in japan, we are watching the situation there at the nuclear plant. here is the story today. 10,000 tons of this radioactive water is now being dumped into the pacific ocean on purpose. folks, this is radioactive water, but is this a big deal or is there worst water? i will ask an expert at the fukushima plant next. host: is the pen mightier than the sword?
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it's an act that may seem to defy common sense, but it is happening anyway. right now more than 11,000 tons of this radioactive water are being dumped into the pacific ocean. now, japanese officials say it is the only viable solution to try to save those generators at the fragile fukushima nuclear plant. now the desperate measure here comes after engineers failed over the weekend to plug this crack leaking toxic water at the plant. the water is pooling up and the storage tanks are getting full, so they have to clear out the space so they can store water that is even more radioactive. joining me now to make since of this is the chairman of the radiation committee over at
3:27 pm
georgetown central. tim, you have one bit of a water and 11,500 tons of water, they are pouring into the ocean versus the higher toxic, more contaminated water coming out of the nuclear reactor number two -- is that worrisome at all that they are putting the water into the ocean? >> well, they are in a tough situation, because as you say, this highly radioactive water, they don't want to release unless they have to, so they are moving that to the containment facilities that are currently full, and moving what is in the containment facility which is a relatively low radioactive waste into the ocean. so it is about 10,000 tons as you said, and this is about the amount of water that is in five olympic swimming pools. so, you know, it is a considerable amount of water, but the immensity of the pacific ocean will dilute the water to harmless levels. >> well, that is my next question, if you need to allay fears of people in japan locally
3:28 pm
and people on the coast thinking, could this come towards me? and seriously not a huge risk. >> not a huge risk. to put it in perspective, the pacific ocean holds 300 trillion swim pools full of water, and they will release about five swimming pools full of water, so that hopefully the turning of the ocean and the currents will disperse this to get to dilute concentrations relatively quickly. >> okay. to the second point that i mentioned over the weekend, a huge, huge concern that there is a leak somewhere within the number two reactor and there is water that the higher radioactive water is leaking, and so to stem this leak, workers are using concrete and saw dust and newspaper to plug it. a, tim, how effective has that been? and b, when you hear newspaper? are they graspping at straws there? >> well, they have gone beyond the playbook now, and they are doing anything they can. i understand that those efforts were not successful at all.
3:29 pm
so, i don't know what they are -- i don't know what the next game plan is in terms of plugging the leak, but the leak is filling up the tunnels and the trenches below the reactor which is making it impossible for the workers to work in there and also threatening the electric power supply, and that is why it is vital they pump this water out into the containment facilities that they have that will buy them a lot of time to get this problem solve and perhaps once the water is gone, they can go in with more conventional methods the plug the leak. >> and that is a perfect segue to vital power supply, and it seems that weren't worried and the reactors four, five and six because they were shut off before the quake, and now there is water in the basement which is threatening the supply, because you need the power to keep the spent fuel rods cool,
3:30 pm
right? >> well, that is what is in reactor two is also going to be released with the contained water in the waste treatment plant so that the total is 11,500 tons altogether, but again, this is relatively low level. what they are trying to do is to mitigate the radioactivity loss by release by keeping it as low as possible. removing the low level stuff first, so that they have room for the higher level stuff on site. >> final question, and this is your area ear oarea of expertis have been studying this, so are there any signs of progress? >> progress -- well, they need to keep these things cooled, and they have restored the electrical power to that area, and if they can keep the pumps going and the cooling generated, that is really going the help alleviate the situation a lot. so i think that there is some progress, but it is a slow-going. but they are making some progress with this.
3:31 pm
>> some progress as they say could mean months and months there. tim jorganson, thank you very much. >> thank you. and now this -- this video is just video we ret goigettinge on the front line of one of our crews on the frontline and we will have them explain what is happening there next. retirement tdd# 1-800-345-2550 like it's some kind of dream. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's either this magic number i'm supposed to reach, or... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's beach homes or it's starting a vineyard. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 come on ! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 just help me figure it out tdd# 1-800-345-2550 in a practical, let's-make- this-happen kind of way. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a vineyard ? schwab real life retirement services is personalized, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 practical help that's focused on making your retirement real. open an account today and talk to chuck tdd# 1-800-345-2550 about setting up your one-on-one consultation. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
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24 hours now and no fresh nato air strikes over libya is what we are told by people in el
3:34 pm
brega and ajdabiya today. we are heard that gadhafi troops are on the defensive there. we want to go to ajdabiya with international correspondent ben wedeman is there. i know you were in brega today, and did you see the rebels surrounding the city, and who would you say appears to be in control there? >> well, it appears they are still in brega, the gadhafi forces in control. we were to the north of there, and of course, we came under fire three times, three separate times by artillery and some heavy machine gun fire. and what we are told however by rebel commanders is that they basicallyave the city surrounded on three sides, and that because of the nato air strikes, because of the lack of any air cover for the libyan forces by the libyan air force and their inability to use things like tanks and armored
3:35 pm
personnel carrier, they are beginning to weaken. they do believe that within the next 24 hours, they, the opposition fighters may be able to retake brega. of course, that is a city that in the last six weeks has changed hands six times. brooke? >> well, you mention you and your crew came under fire three times, and we have been playing the video, and i want to play the video again, ben, and we want to turn the sound up, and then i want you the explain exactly what was happening. [ ye [ inaudible ]. so, ben, i don't know who is shooting the video, but people are dashing to the ground and hiding behind car doors, and i see some feet there -- what was
3:36 pm
happening? is this typical of covering this story in libya for you guys? >> it is not the first time we have had to hit the dirt and really hug it for quite some time. i mean, as i said, we had three different incidents and unfortunately, i can't see what you are running, but from the sound of it i think it is two clips. one clip is the first time we came under artillery attack which was right at the edge of brega and things actually seemed pretty calm. we haven't been that far forward in quite some time, but all of the sudden, we heard these thumps as the rounds came charging in, and really, in those situations the first thing you do is to get down and look around and then look for the car and jump in it and drive away, and we did it three times. the other clip that you have there is the third time where we are by the road thinking that we
3:37 pm
finally got out of range of the fire of the gadhafi force, and i was hearing these strange whistles over my head, and then they intensified and we started to hear more gun fire, so yet, again, we jumped down and hit the ground and looked around and waited until the shooting subsided, jumped back in the car and drove madly away. brooke. >> yeah, i think that my heart would have been thumping out of my chest, but we appreciate someone for rolling on that and getting that video. quickly, why is that this town brega, and it is an oil refining tou town, and why it has been changing hand so many times? >> well, it is really because on the one hand the opposition forces really don't have the ability to hold the territory. they can rush forward and if the other side is not willing to put up a fight, they will be able to take over a town like brega, but at the end of of the day, they
3:38 pm
are not very well trained. they are not very well equipped and before they didn't have any air cover, so whenever the gadhafi forces decided to take the town back, they could use their tanks. they could use their air force and heavy artillery and mortars and surface-to-surface missiles so that really explains it. a disparity in the ability. of course, now with nato air cover, with a no-fly zone, it definitely gives the rebels an advantage. but, their lack of training as i u said and the lack of organization, and the lack of communications makes it very difficult for them to hold a spot and then move forward. brooke? >> and ben wedeman, my thanks to you and your crew. thank you. and now, listen to this. [ booing ] yikes! talk about booing charlie sheen. he has hit the road and part of the one-man show and not
3:39 pm
everyone is laughing. we will tell you why some people are giving the self-proclaimed warlock a huge thumb's down is next. and plus katie couric cutting the cord, and could it be why the newswoman is bidding adieu to the evening news? stay right here.
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
will she stay? will she go? that is is the question, but no one seems to know for sure, but
3:42 pm
a little bit of speculation out there is rife today that katie couric might leave the cbs evening news anchor chair once her contract is up in june and maybe launch a syndicated talk show next year. no departure date has been set, and cbs is not commenting and neither is couric, but official word could come in a couple of weeks. couric became the firstm woman to solo anchor a week night newscast back in september of 2006. one person who may not be going anywhere soon is charlie sheen who launched his "torpedo of truth tour" and -- listen to those boos. he got booed big time right off of the top of the show. people said he was rambling and not making a lot of sense. hmm, imagine that. and less than 24 hours later, sheen tweaked the show and reportedly got a standing ovation in the second performance at chicago. kareen wynter is joining me live
3:43 pm
from l.a. so we have boos one night, and standing o in another. how is he doing? what is going on? >> you know with charlie, brooke, you have to expect the unexpected. let's start with saturday. boy, was it an absolutely disastrous opening night for sheen in detroit. he redeemed himself in chicago the following night, but fans in detroit were furious. they didn't get their money's worth and blasted him after the show. take a listen. [ booing ] so, brooke, fans were singing a slightly, okay, a huge difference tune in chicago the next day. and what a difference the day makes, because sheen switched it up and he got rid of the random confusing video screens and no-name entertainers that really bogged the entire show down, and the entire performance in
3:44 pm
detroit. sheen also connected a lot more with the audience. he had a raw stripped-down show, and he did a candid q&a as well on stage with his friend and co-producer of the show where sheen opened up about getting fired from the tv show and dishing about the custody dispute with one of the exes and no one booed and not one person and in fact, he got several standing ovations, and that is night two. night one was off to a rocky start. >> i have to be honest that i am not up on the charlie sheen twitter page, so i don't know if he is commenting or any word from sheen's camp about any reaction to these two performances thus far? >> we managed to catch up with sheen's manager and his publicist this morning and just touched down in l.a. back in town from chicago. they were headed to charlie's house. they said that after detroit that charlie was quote dejected, but determined that the first show was really an eye-opener for him, an instead of blaming the audience, guess what, they said that charlie, he blamed
3:45 pm
himself and he knew what he needed to do to get his act together for chicago. so, brooke, two shows down, and 17 dates left, and sheen is off to cleveland on tuesday. wonder how he will do there? >> how many money are people forking over for the sheen tickets, curious? >> well, anywhere from $50 to $100 and for folks who wanted their money back, the angry fans saturday -- >> can they? >> no refunds, but perhaps they can take some sort of comfort in the fact that charlie is donating $1 from each ticket sale to relieve efforts in japan. so he is making a lot of dough and both shows sold out, so not bad. >> so 1/50th of a ticket goes to japan. thanks or the latest on charlie sheen, kareen wynter. and not everyone had their mask on and some people were having problems and passing out. it was not good. >> i thought we were going down. i really did. it seemed like we were dropping pretty fast. just all unreal.
3:46 pm
>> unreal, indeed. you know the story. a gaping hole, and could one like that on the top of the plane, could that happen again? we will get some questions answered. and a little bit of good news out of japan for a change. i love this store i re, a - story, you see that puppy dog, survived three weeks at sea after the tsunami, and if you are a dog lover like me, you will love this story.
3:47 pm
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are you headed out of town any time soon and holding a ticket on southwest airlines? if you are, you should probably make a phone call. you see lots of the southwest flights are cancelled today after a weekend of grounding jets and giving them a thorough once-over, and you see this big hole? they want to make sure it does not happen again, because it forced an emergency landing friday on their 727. greg fiest knows a thing or two about airline safety, because he is a retired investigator from the ntsb, and greg, let me ask you first, you know, we know that southwest grounded a bunch of planes since this happened friday and three or more grounded with cracks, and dozens still back in service now, and
3:50 pm
back flying and does that at all seem -- does that seem too fast to you to put them back up into the sky? >> no. with the type of inspections that is being done, brooke, right now, the mechanics are very efficient, and they are doing a very thorough job using eddy current which is passing a electrical current through that metal to look for the microscopic cracks. it takes about four to five hours per plane to get the inspections done. i don't think it's too soon. >> i want to ask you specifics on inspection in just a moment. if we can sg back to the boeing 747, a short hall from d.c. to new york, quick flights, as a result of the deep pressurizing, which i guess makes the metal fatigue a bit more leading to a crack like this, would this be
3:51 pm
an aircraft problem versus an airline problem? >> absolutely. when you look at the pressure rye zags cycle, it takes off and starts at landing. that's how we gauge an airplane, not in calendar years but cycles. for a boeing 737, it's young for its vintage, given the fact that other planes are 70, 80,000 cycles in the same vintage. that's why it's of concern to the ntsb and faa. in a please that even the manufacturer had not anticipated in the past. >> i've heard experts say and ntsb saying, this is not the kind of crack. you mentioned microscopic, right, that you wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it specifically. but i'm sure people are wondering as well, are inspectors not regularly
3:52 pm
eyeballing these planes to check for precisely this? >> well, they are eyeballing it, using your term, but there are various types of inspections done every day. some only require a visual inspection, looking for the more obvious things, the larger cracks and that kind of thing. in this particular area, the lap joint, the cracks are developing on the underside of the lap joint which you cannot see with the naked eye. you need to have a more comprehensive way of determining these cracks. the naked eye can't see it. >> so given those three different methods to detect these microscopic cracks, will they be doing much more of that? what do you tell the person sitting at home saying, my gosh, i don't know if i feel like getting on a plane tomorrow. >> well, they should have a high level of comfort and confidence in the system. the fortunate thing about this event was that no one was seriously injured or killed. the fact is that every time we
3:53 pm
have an event like this, it's a lesson learned and it's a natural process for these planes to sustain wear and tear because they are up and down, whether it's 5,000 cycles in a month or 5,000 cycles in a year, the fact is that when you have an airline maintaining these planes, the manufacturer puts out an inspection program and the faa approves is. unfortunately, we always find those kinds of things, such as these cracks, that we couldn't anticipate before. now you're going to see a change in the inspection of the planes, the methods that they use, and i think it will go not only for the 747 but the lessons learned from this and apply them to other aircraft, in the airbus and other manufacturers, because this will improve aviation safety. >> i think it's good that many are learning lessons but many would think we don't want to have to learn these in the first
3:54 pm
place. at least we'll be upping the inspections, as you say, and we will all be safe. thank you so much for your expertise. appreciate it. >> you're welcome, brooke. and now this -- >> you have taken the most tested counterterrorism tools off the table and tied our hands in a way that could have serious ramifications. attorney general eric holder not holding back. he is blaming congress for the decision to try the 9/11 suspects at gitmo, the exact opposite of what he and what the president had been pushing for. also, did you hear my interview with the ceo of go daddy? he went on this trip to shoot an elephant. so he is catching all kinds of heat for sharing this video online. videos of him shooting and killing an elephant. you're going to hear from an elephant expert and i'll ask him how big of a problem these elephants really are. stay here. ttd# 1-800-345-2550
3:55 pm
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3:58 pm
was virtually washed out. a relative of the owner came and picked him up. so cute. okay. let's talk politics now. let's go to paul with the latest news from the political tip ticker. the latest headline is obama released a re-election campaign today. >> yes, they did. so what are the republicans doing in response? check this out. let's go to their website. they are trying to raise $270,000 over the next 72 hours and why? they say they've already raised $20,000. that's not all. they put out a new video as well. it's called hope isn't hiring. it attacks the president and blames the president for the unemployment rate in the u.s. the president jump-starting his
3:59 pm
campaign to raise money and the republicans trying to raise money. brooke? >> the vice president is getting into -- he's in new hampshire today, is he not, talking against campus violence. >> yeah. he was in new hampshire and is still up there right now. that was the official event. as he announces a re-election event, he headlined a meeting of the organizing for america, that's the grassroots of the democratic party and speaking to supporters, people who have backed president obama and have worked for him in the past. why new hampshire? remember, it's a very important politically important state. we don't think the president is going to have any serious primary challenge but new hampshire is the battle ground state that the president won and he is going to want to win it again. >> what about today, the pulse of the people? where does the president stand with regard to the polls today? >> americans are divided on the
4:00 pm
president. check this out. we just put it out. the most recent national survey averages them all out. 47% of americans say they approve of how he is doing. 46% disapprove. he's been in the mid-to upper 40s, low 50s for over a year now but there are interesting divides now. women have more of an approval rating than men do. younger people, higher ratings than older people. >> interesting, paul steinhauser. thank you. go to twitter@politicalticker. now hour two, watch this. suspects behind the 9/11 attacks will be tried at gitmo, not new york, the place where president obama has wanted to close since he was elected president. on friday, this internet ceo
4:01 pm
defended killing an elephant. >> the crops are safe and people have a valuable source of protein. >> but shoot to kill is not the answer. he tells me what could work. >> the radical response in afghanistan. can the law intervene? and as president obama's campaign gets rolling, so does a look at our contenders. candy crowley tells us what -- >> a baseball fan beaten within an inch of life. what do we know about these missing suspects? sunny is on the case. welcome back. let's continue on, shall we? a developing story in washington. eric holder announces top 9/11 suspects will go on trial at
4:02 pm
guantanamo bay. that is the prison for terrorism suspects the president has vowed to close. keep in mind here, we're talking about this guy, khalid shaikh muhammad, the alleged mastermind of 9/11. they originally said that they would try this guy in new york. attorney eric holder says he has made his decision reluctantly. >> too many people, many of whom know better have expressed doubts about our time honored and time tested system of justice. that's not only misguided, it is simply wrong. the fact is that federal courts have proven to be on unparallel instrument for bring terrorists to justice. >> joining me on the phone, the miami herald correspondent. i was listening to the news conference, pulling a total 180, the decision not an easy one to
4:03 pm
make. he used the word reluctant and still stands by wanting the five witnesses to be prosecuted in new york yet they are going to guantanamo bay. why? >> well, they are still at guantanamo bay. they limited and refused funding and blocked funding that would allow anyone at guantanamo to come to the u.s. at trial. in addition to this, there has been a large chorus of support for the idea of a military jury and trial of these five men accused of the september 11th attacks. they are the alleged mastermind, the plotters and there has always been a large course that said, keep them at gitmo, try them at gitmo, give them justice at gitmo. eric holder said that he wanted them to go to trial -- >> i'm sorry. go ahead, brooke. >> right. it was november of '09 when he
4:04 pm
made that point. but the legislation in congress, he specifically is saying, unfortunately, congress intervened. it was unwise and unwarranted. take us back to when congress did this. how long ago? >> there have been a series ofs cascading measures to block the closure. in fact, someone called the attorney general on this. there was a period when he could have moved him to new york for trial. in fact, he showed us today in a surprise grand jury indictment that had enabled a federal prosecution in december 2009. but they withdrew it today. what happened was, first he said there were objections on security accounts, or there were objections on venue accounts or concern that manhattan couldn't handle it and there was a series of cascading concerns and oppositions by both the political camp and some strong advocates of military trials. so at the beginning, in fact, brooke, you're right. there wasn't legislation that
4:05 pm
blocked it but great concern. and you were also right in noting that the attorney general really said he supported the idea of a federal trial and believed a kifl general court could handle this case. >> let me ask you this quickly. i stumped unintentionally our senior analyst, with regard to a death penalty, in a military trial can the death penalty be south if someone pleads guilty? yes or no? do we know? >> we don't know. they can plead guilty and there will be a death penalty. the question is, need they bring in a military commission to hear the facts, a military jury to decide whether to impose the death penalty or whether the judge, the military judge can unilaterally without a jury decide the death penalty. that's the issue. >> carol, thank you. and i want to move on and if it is interesting, if it's happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire. let's go. beginning with severe weather across the country. let's take a look at this.
4:06 pm
this is a weather phenomena. the goosed nato. this is a swirly cloud captured over kansas, it's called a gustnado. they are powerful enough to do severe damage. a tornado hit a manufacturing plant near kentucky, injured a dozen people there. nasa is delaying a space shuttle endeavor and it's set to take off on april 29th, pushing it ten days back. there is nothing wrong. apparently it's a little bit of a scheduling conflict or russian cargo ship due to dock on the international space station near the shuttle original launch date of april 19th. and take a look at this painting. does this painting at all bother you? apparently much so it bothered one woman, got on her nerves. this is two ta he or she shan
4:07 pm
womens and she walked in there, tried to relationship off this painting off the wall on friday afternoon, pounding it on her fist, claiming that it was evil. this is protected by plastic covering. could gilbert godfrey's loss be your gain in folks showed up in droves to become the new voice of the infamous duck and apparently they dance along with the voice. auditions will be held nationwide. good luck. practice your aflac. men's basketball championship tonight. butler second straight trip to the finals. tip off in houston, 9:23 eastern time. i'll be watching. maybe you will be as well. now to this, plane off the
4:08 pm
runway. this is new orleans. a united airline airbus skidded on the grass while making this emergency landing and just as a precaution, all 100 passengers left the plane, popped out on the emergency slides, the faa says the pilots took off from new orleans, smelled smoke in the cockpit and turned the plain around. no one was hurt there. now this -- >> when a herd is there, isolatable, shoot them, and the crops are safe. >> that was a tough talk from go daddy's ceo to me this past friday. got a lot of you talking and you tweeting me. was his killing of an elephant justified? he seems to think so. but obviously an elephant expert begs to differ. that's coming up.
4:09 pm
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. new details from a baby herself. she was questioned relentlessly by gadhafi forces after being taken away from that hotel in tripoli last month and it didn't stop until a dook for examined
4:12 pm
her and determined that she had been raped and tortured. she still has bruises from her alleged abduction and rape. watch ac 360 tonight at 10:00 eastern. angry people in the streets fighting police. they want change. i could be talking about a number of countries these days in the middle east but this is syria here. they have laid out an ultimatum. we go live to the middle east next.
4:13 pm
4:14 pm
4:15 pm
after go daddy came on the show on friday, he shot and killed an elephant that was trampling the crops of a local village. i have to warn you, some of the images are tough to look at. parsons posted this him killing the elephant, after the kill. this is on his twitter if you want to watch it. it's four minutes long. joining me today is conservationist harry peachy. you were our go-to guy before my interview with bob parse sons. you can weigh in on what you said. but if you can stand by me because i want you and our viewers at home to hear from bob parsons, why did you kill the
4:16 pm
elephant, here's what he told me. >> to go into the field at night and to -- when a herd is there, isolate a bull, shoot a bull, the rest leave immediately, they don't return, so the crops are safe and then the people have a very valuable course of protein. i learned that by going over there and talking to the villagers and watching what they are dealing with and watching the aftermath and watching when it doesn't happen and also when it doesn't happen. the one thing that is not being focused on is the villagers, the people that live over there. they would say, please come back and please do this again. >> harry, both you and bob parsons agree on one thing, that there is a huge elephant problem in zimbabwe and it is legal to kill an he will fact if a crop or human is threatened, correct?
4:17 pm
>> that's correct. and there is a problem with elephants and people whereever elephants happen to grange. >> are they endangered? >> he will gants are endangered throughout africa but there is a large population in zimbabwe. there are probably less than 400,000 and that has a lot to do with poaching, not have to do with habitat loss. when these populations started to protect areas that led to poachers, people set up at cultural sites and that has increased the human conflict in africa and particularly in zimbabwe. i know you say that shooting and killing an he will fact, despite the problem, is not the answer. give me some solutions. what can be done? >> there are a number of solutions that can be tried. none are fool-proof but shooting the elephant is the least
4:18 pm
effective way to go. electric fences are the way to go, that involves honey bees. >> how in the world -- you can't even get electricity. how are you going to bring an electronic fence? >> you set up the opportunity to provide electricity and you can do it with solar power. there are a number of opportunities to bring electricity into these distant sites. it's being done throughout the world and can be done there. a generator is one option. >> that's one option. explain to me the bee swarm. how does that work? >> african elephants will consume honey and in the process they will tear up the tree. they have come across bees in pursuit of trees and in pursuit of honey. they've had negative experience with bees. the tip of an elephant trunk is a bundle of nerve. if they get stung, that's going
4:19 pm
to be a tremendously negative experience for them so they've learned to avoid bees and teach it to members of the grou to younger members of the groups and elephants begin to avoid bees. a researcher did some work in 2002 where she has played recordings of honey bee swarms for groups of elephants, they have put up commercial beehives that didn't contain bees at the time but at one time they did and found that that is effective to keep elephants from entering agricultural sites. >> one more question with regard to any kind of fee. i know i said in zimbabwe it is legal to kill an elephant if it threatens a person or a crop. parsons said he did not pay to do this. can someone who wants to hunt go
4:20 pm
into zimbabwe with a gun and track down a problem elephant and do it all for free? is that possible? >> it seems highly unlikely. there are programs set up which is designed to take revenue that is generated by elephant hunts, be them problem elephants or trop trophy elephants. i doubt very much that the entire fee that is paid goes to the village. but i would have to assume that bob parsons or anybody else that went into zimbabwe to kill a trophy problem elephant would contract with a concessionair, that would have ended up back in the village and we're talking about zimbabwe. >> so either it ends in robert's
4:21 pm
hands or -- >> what percentage of that fee that was initially paid makes it that far, it's probably very, very low. >> our elephant expert, good talking to you on friday and glad we had you on today to set the record straight. appreciate it from the columbus zoo. >> thank you. good to talk with you. huge bonuses for top executives. the owner of the oil rig that exploded last april killed 11 workers. those bonuses not sitting very well with some. that's coming up.
4:22 pm
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time to go globe tracking and let's first go overseas. this is from yemen. protesters are demanding the end of the president's long, long rule that clashed with security forces in the capital and several other cities. withins tell cnn that they fired tear gas to break up some of the crowds there. 14 people are reportedly hurt and 500 hurt. please keep this in mind. this is an amateur video. we cannot verify the authenticity. i want to take you to the ivory coast. this is west africa. a united nation's helicopter attack fired on the incumbent president that refuses to go, to leave office. a u.n. spokesperson says the camp is a base used for attacks against civilians for u.n. peace
4:25 pm
keepers. the u.s. red cross is investigating attacks of the western ivory coast. as many as 800 people were killed by forces loyal to both sides of the violent election dispute there. and now to syria, people tearing down pictures of the president, a nationwide protest movement growing increasingly violent there. 15 demonstrators were killed a couple days ago, sending more people into the street to mourn them. i was hoping to talk to holly live from syria today but it looks like hala has gotten as far as jordan. when do you expect to hopefully get into syria? >> reporter: that is a very good question, brooke. i wish i had the answer to that one. we have not been granted access to syria. we hope to be able to get in at some point to report directly for ourselves. you mentioned the protests last
4:26 pm
friday. up to 9 or 10 people killed. it's very difficult for us, brooke, to independently verify these numbers because we're not able to assess on the grounds ourselves exactly what is going on. we had some interesting nondemonstration-related developments this day. the government has announced through state television that it will come to a decision on whether or not to lift the emergency law. now, that is one of the key demands of protesters that said that it will come to that decision on friday. and the thinking is that if it will make that announcement on friday, the traditional day of protests in the last few months of the middle east, that it will probably come close to meeting protesters demands. that's a very much wait and see situation. we've seen a few political prisoners released today and reports of hundreds of others detained in mass arrests and they are going to try to quiet the demonstrators and organizers behind bars, brooke. >> so you mentioned something
4:27 pm
that many of these demonstrators have been calling for, what you and i have been talking about in recent weeks, the 50-year emergency rule, they want that gone. how likely, from what you're hearing, might that happen? what else do these demonstrators want? >> well, many of the protesters are skeptical because they say, fine, you can lift the emergency law. it's been in effect for almost half a century, but then there's a network of other laws that prevent people from criticizing the government publicly, that prevent people from assembling and demonstrating and calling for more freedom. of course, these demands that we've seen in tunisia and across the air rain world is what we're hearing across the country. but it's a different country. it won't be as responsive, for
4:28 pm
instance, for anything coming out of washington in the same way that egypt was, for instance. so there are many different things about syria that set it across from countries in the arab world. the question is going to be on friday, will we see more demonstrations and tomorrow, activists are calling for a day of mourning for those who were killed last week. what will the numbers look like? we're going to keep our eye on that as well because it's also a numbers game at this point. >> you know syria better than a lot of people here at cnn. hopefully they will grant you that visa. hala, thank you so much. it had a role in the world's most worst oil spill. big bonuses to top executives. alison, we understand that the company is actually praising its safety record s that right? >> it is. it's doing back pedaling but
4:29 pm
recorded the best year in safety performance in our company history. to warn them not just boosting salaries, they are giving bonuses to the top execs. did we forget about the worst oil spill in u.s. history? transocean owned one killing 11 people. now there's an s.e.c. filing that shows that the ceo is going to get a bonus of $374,000. safety accounts for about a quarter of that bonus and getting a $200,000 bump in his salary as well. that brings his salary to just over $1 million. i have to be fair about this. transocean didn't award the total possible safety bonus. only two-thirds of it and came out with the apology. this is where it is back stepping. apologizing for being insensitive in the proxy statement saying that it deeply regrets any pain that it caused, that it didn't intend to minimize the tragedy, brooke. >> tragedy that happened, what, 12 months ago?
4:30 pm
alison in new york, thank you. >> sure. the government shuts down on friday, the deadline here, if lawmakers cannot agree on a budget. wreckage and bodies are finally found nearly two years after an air france crash over the atlantic ocean. they are lining up now. reporter roulette is next. ...and free breakfast at hotels in virtually every city. so, thanks to this large man in a little jetpack... you can search thousands of hotel freebies... right now only at priceline.
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4:32 pm
i've got four stories coming at you. we have the budget shut down and an airline problem and a
4:33 pm
gruesome discovery. we know the government shut down deadline is this friday. what are you hearing today on the hill? >> that they are working but they are not there yet, brooke, and they are getting very close to that deadline. both sides have been working behind closed doors all weekend tentatively on a plan to cut about $33 billion. emphasize, tentative. what exactly are they going to cut? what programs? what agencies? and that i'm told from sources on both sides of this, that is where they really are at odds. i won't get into the details on what parts of the budget that they are working on now but here's what people need to know. if they don't come to that agreement at midnight on friday night, people trying to go to national parks, to the statue of liberty, the smithsonian in washington, they would be closed if there was not some kind of an agreement. most don't want the government to shut down, or at least parts of it. they are having trouble coming
4:34 pm
to an agreement to come to that. president obama invited top leaders, democratic and republican to the white house tomorrow for the first time in a long time to hash this out. >> it's april 4th. we're talking still 2011 spending. as they are going over the 2011 budget, we also know the house republicans are already thinking the solution for next year? what are you hearing about 2012? >> it's interesting, the subplot about the rub on this year's spending is that conservatives in the house say, wait a minute. we're talking about peanuts and we want to cut more. house republicans are planning to unveil tomorrow something that they believe will answer those questions from the fellow conservatives. this is going to be a proposal for a huge overhaul, cutting trillions and trillions of dollars in spending but specifically the programs that our viewers will be interested this hearing, medicare, the health care program for seniors.
4:35 pm
now the government pays the bills directly to doctors and otherwise. that won't happen anymore. that will be completely changed so that people will be able to go out and basically get a sum of money and that money will be paid for privately and also major changes in medicaid as well. >> okay. dana mentioned medicare. dana bash, thank you, by the way. i want to talk military. i want to go to chris lawrence at the pentagon. i understand that you're getting new information, disush tissuing new information about how the military will be compensated if the government was shut down. what do you hear? >> a senior defense official tells us that if it shuts down for an he can tended period of time, troops will not get paid on time, including troops in iraq and afghanistan. the threat really adds to the pressure that the pentagon has been trying to put on congress to pass a proper defense budget. this doesn't mean we stop fighting the wars in iraq and afghanistan and that the military stops helping japan. this doesn't have as much of an
4:36 pm
effect on military operations but a big effect on military families back home. >> so not paying troops on time, how is that sitting with members of congress? >> we spoke with john boehner's spoke man who said this really brings home how serious this issue is. but the chairman of the house armed services committee said, wait a minute. we may be getting ahead of ourselves here. buck said, they are still going to get paid, just not when they would expect to get paid. he's talking about that they would get back paid to compensate for whatever they missed but the idea of troops on the front lines in afghanistan and their families sitting back home with bills to pay missing a paycheck, he said that that is too much to contemplate and we're ma sure enough to get this done. >> they have four more days to do it. reporter roulette moving on. the discovery of the air france wreckage in the atlantic
4:37 pm
a. flight crash some two years ago. the crash at the time was a mystery. a, how did they finds the wreckage and, b, what did they find? >> they found the wreckage by widening the area to 10,000 square kilometers and going down deep, as much as 10,000 feet using three remote controlled submarine drones. they were able to look at the bottom of the ocean, take thousands of pictures and then, of course, compare to see where the ocean was and whether there was any debris down there. finally they did realize that they found debris field described as small and compact but they found the engines of the aircraft, they found parts of the fuselage and, of course, bodies of those who were on board. now, what they haven't found yet was the black box, the flight data recorders, cockpit data recorders, those instruments,
4:38 pm
those crucially important pieces of equipment that will unlock the key to what happened to 447. >> so are they going back down there? will they be looking for that black box? i imagine families need closure here. >> yes. and that's really the point because what the authorities now say is because they have an idea of the debris field, they will be able to work out where the black boxes should be and then they can continue looking for them. they will start to bring up the ocean floor, the part of the equipment deemed necessary in that search and, of course, the bodies will be repat tree ated in a dignified way. the fact still remains, it is a mystery what brought 447 down. lots of rumors, lots of speculation, very few facts. >> hopefully those families will get some of their questions answered two years later.
4:39 pm
richard quest in london, thank you. and now to a shocking story out of new york today. we're getting new information here. three more sets of human remains found along a beach on long island. this is the same general area where four sets of remains. you remember, they were found last fall in the bags. another body was found last week. so the first four all were identified as prostitutes and do the quick math, that's eight deaths. allan chernoff is doing the work for us out of new york. what do you have? >> this story becomes more gruesome every time we get an update. police found three more bodies. this brings the count to eight. they don't really know what has happened here but they do believe they are looking for a serial killer who has been preying upon women advertising online and working as prostitutes. as you mentioned, we had four
4:40 pm
initially back in december bodies that were found a fifth body last week and now the count is at eight. so just really a tragic story. they've been looking to identify one of these women. they haven't been able to make a dna. hopefully we won't have any more bodies but this is a horribly gruesome story. >> remind me, some of these women were missing for several years, had they not? >> correct. back to 2009, there was -- the only clue -- the only clue that's been made public is that one of the women, apparently had come to a home in the community of oak beach, right next to the pictures that we're seeing right now, had one night, come to a home there, screaming for help,
4:41 pm
the man called the police. by the time he came back the woman was gone and he reported to the police that a man was driving after her. so that's about it. this has just been a mystery for a very long time. again, women who had been working online as prostitutes. >> and an investigator with his canine came upon these bodies last fall. allan, thank you. that is your reporter roulette this monday. a fight after a baseball game now a father of two is in a coma and police are being looking for the guys who beat him. sunny is on the case next. and breaking news just in to cnn from boeing. details next. [ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you.
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4:45 pm
the faa, issuing an emergency directive tomorrow ma will require operators to complete inspection for fatigue damage. so that's a total of 175 aircraft affected because of this one plane with the hole in the ceiling from friday and savaging beaten outside the opening home game in l.a. last week. sunny is on the case with me. let's start with the beating case and let's put up the sketches. they are looking for these two guys, dodgers fans accused of beating a giants fan. his brother says brian was attacked from behind and is now in medically induced a coma.
4:46 pm
san francisco leaders got together to respond to the beating. so sunny, let's look at this with me and then let's talk about what will come next for these guys when and if they are caught. so they say, "this attack is uncon shonable behavior that will not be tolerated in either of our ballparks or in either of our cities. so, sunny, what charges could these guys face? >> well, you know, mr. stowe is critically injured. they came up from behind him and kicked him in the head and i think both should be charged with attempted murder. when you kick someone in the head and they become critically injured as a result of that, the top count has to be attempted murder. >> what if he, forbid, dies.
4:47 pm
>> and then certainly they are looking at murder charges. no question about it. you know, you go to a game to root on your team and you don't expect to be critically injured or hurt in this way. and then this is something that, unfortunately, seems to be happening more and more in a lot of these venues and i think the question now has to be, are the venues prepared for security? are they prepared for these types of things to be happening? these sort of i guess san francisco giants and los angeles dodgers rivalry has been going on in the stand for decades. and if that is the case, some are wondering should the venues be more secure when people are going to these games? >> i think a lot of people will be looking for them to heavily secure them, given the fact that this has happened outside of the game. sunny, thank you so much. in florida, pastors hate-filled protected by law?
4:48 pm
we're going to tackle that next.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
in florida, a pastor has burned the koran and putting it
4:51 pm
on trial and convicting it. but thousands of miles away, this is what happened. days of protests in afghanistan, more than 20 people are dead, seven of them united nation employees. president obama trying to calm the fury, says that it's an act of extreme intolerance in bigotry and claims that it's outrageous and an afront to human dignity. general petraeus is also speaking out against this koran burning saying it was hateful, intolerant, and extremely disrespectful. so we wondered this. is there any legal way to get pastor terry jones to stop? he's the guy that threatened to burn the koran on 9/11. then eventually decided not to. we actually checked in with our legal analyst and the answer, in
4:52 pm
authori short, is no. that he could never be charged because he's completely protected under the constitution. just wanted you to know. we have a couple of minutes before "the situation room." obama's campaign kicked off bright and early today and i'm hearing that they maybe want to raise a billion dollars, with a b? >> we're going to get into that extensively in the next few hours in "the situation room." let me saying is about what happened in afghanistan. hamid karzai, the u.s. has been supporting him for ten years, he did something so irresponsible. he pub list sized what this pastor in florida did. everyone was ignoring it, not paying attention, he went on afghanistan television and whipped up the crowd and those
4:53 pm
officials are dead and others are dying in part pause of what karzai did in giving prominence to what this pastor of florida -- it was totally, totally irresponsible. karzai lives in the united states understands that and to get up the dead united nations -- i'm upset because the people who work for the united nations in afghanistan, they want to work for a cause. they want to help out and they go there and all of a sudden a crowd attacks them for no reason whatsoever. they really wanted to kill americans. there were no americans. so the united nations personnel were the close eflt to americans and those folks are dead. i'm pretty outraged by what has happened, as you can probably
4:54 pm
tell. >> i can tell. i respect everything you said, wolf blitzer. we're going to have to leave it there. we're going to watch you as always. i appreciate your words. we will be right back. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement insurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp...
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4:57 pm
collection plate and more republicans will follow suit as well. but a misstep here, a twisted phrase there could trip up any one of these candidates at any point in time. candy crowley looks at what has spelled trouble in the campaign past as part of the 2012 contender series. >> reporter: you cannot win a campaign with a one liner but sometimes you can save it. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i cannot going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> then 73-year-old president ronald reagan broke the age barrier. he was re-elected for a lot of reasons but the humorous age issue was a winning moment. others -- >> one little bit on the end. potato -- >> reporter: hang like an anvil. eight years later, in a brief
4:58 pm
unsuccessful presidential bid, dan quail was still haunted by the, is he smart enough question. this was demonstrated in a dinner speech last week by congressman ben quayle, son of the former vice president. >> so he misspelled potato and the words of another vice president, big deal. >> this is not a vote for preemptive war. >> reporter: of all the baggage that the candidates bear is the hardest to dump is a paper trail. explanations of her vote for the iraq war resolution factored heavily into hillary clinton's iowa caucus days. >> he took the authority that i and others gave him, he misused it and i regret that deeply. >> reporter: her explanations were continuous, not sufficient, and ash blee gave barack obama an opening. >> the only mission that was accomplished was to use fear and
4:59 pm
falsehood into a war that should never have been authorized or waged. >> reporter: the president who was not serving in the senate at the time put together a victory in iowa a first foot hold on route to the white house. campaigns die from 1,000 cuts. the ones that bleed the most tap into pre-existing perceptions. >> i actually did vote for the $87 billion before i voted against it. >> reporter: in senate speak this made sense. in campaign talk, not so much. the image of carey as a flip-flopper took hold. it's not the reason that he lost to bush but it is a reason. politicians say clumsy things all the time. they make mistakes. they do stupid stuff. >> we're going to south carolina and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and then we're going to take back the white house. >> reporter: and that is widely thought to


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